Great Jamaican Teachers


      On this site I hope to tell something of the several generations of teachers who helped to shape their country's future, mostly in the period between the Morant Bay Rebellion and the end of World War I.

      During over thirty years of research into Jamaican history I have realised how much unknown information on that history lies hidden in various printed sources, especially the many newspapers published in the island. One area of particular 

interest is the biographical material on Jamaicans of all classes and colours which exists in those sources. On this site I will tell something of the lives of those significant men and women who toiled to bring education to ordinary Jamaicans; some accounts will be in their own words or the words of contemporaries. 

I am currently transferring material from another site to this one; this will take a while, and then there will be more pages to add. J Lumsden



'Oh, these God-sent teachers . . . . of rural Jamaica, in those opportunity-starved years

of the early nineteen hundreds.'     

J. J. Mills - His own account of his life and times. (Kingston, 1969), page 41.